DCh: Map


Keeps and Fortresses (red):

1. Fortress of the Bloodhounds:
The Bloodhounds are a world-spanning organization of dragonhunters, primarily comprised of Dragonborn. Though their members usually are Dragonborn, a variety of races can join in the fight. The Northern Keep, situated just north of Cinderforge, is focussed on the repression of Oros, an Orium Dragon drawing power from all magic items for his vile spirits. The leader here is known as Corgrym, a grizzled, orange-scaled man with the legs of a dwarf.

2. Shivergrace Keep:
Those at Shivergrace Keep guard the Northern Eladrin of Eladraste, mind-washed elven slaves brought up from Andraste. Though they have no connection to the coast, their fortress spans the island, with minor citadels leading to the center.

Despicables, Dragons, and Dead Men (yellow):

1. Kruthik Webwarren:
The vile Kruthik are furred insects of low intelligence, spinning the coastal seaweed into crude towers. The Webwarren serves as a capital of sorts, raised high above the sealine. Though often the Kruthik choose to remain solitary, monthly raids on Uyndra help supplement their diets.
2. Orphan’s Causeway:
Children once sent out of Cinderforge to relieve the foodstocks during a famine, the Orphans are a brotherhood of lost boys who tax travel and perform assassinations. Their Causeway is situated under the bridge, but they have houses and inns nearby for those they favor.
3. Eastern Embassy:
The burning hands of Akemos, the demon-gate, reach farther and farther from their accursed portal. The ashes which spread day by day blow ever closer to Cinderforge, and their reach has claimed the Faxiegn Mountain, constructing another portal from which new horrors shall spill forth, an embassy for their conquest.
4. The Orium Caldera:
The site of Oros’ birth, the Orium Caldera was once a great mine. His spawning, from Deriel itself, tore through the mine and claimed the lives of their ensorcelled weapons. For many years since he has grown, now the size of a castle, such that his war will be final.
5. Treasure Horde of Arkhan the Silver:
Arkhan the Silver, a vain, melancholy dragon only a few decades old, lives within this grand mausoleum. Surrounded by riches his entire life, and blinded kobold slaves, he has grown bored and scrawny, itching for more to marvel in his presence.
6. Atelund:
A port town of villains and murderers, Atelund is a place where money flows freely and blood runs easily. With many inns and mercenaries, it is easy for a group of swashbucklers to find work, albeit the employer may have died in the span of your quest.
7. Camp Ghashwound:
A barbarian camp on the fringes of civilization, Camp Gnashwound is a council of veteran berserkers and druids, able to lash out only after long talks. Though they bear no allegiance, their kind are often put at odds with Cinderforge due to their respect of the mountains.

Ruins (lilac):

1. Alchemist’s Eyrie:
Once, the Isle of Yellowtooth was a thriving community of alchemists and artificers, drawing their ingredients from Yellowtooth mine. However, workers in the mines began to suffer from the noxious air, and a sudden outbreak of disease crippled the college, eventually dooming it to abandonment.
2. The Mourning Caldera:
When the Young Oros woke from Deriel itself, his first target was the industrial powerhouse of Gumd, wreaking havoc upon the forges and farmlands, salting the earth with Orium and devouring its populace. The crater left is now only a warning to those opposing the great dragon.
3. Western Embassy:
Once, before the great Dwarven Empire of Camililand fell to chaos, the Western Embassy served to allow correspondence between Cinderforge and Camil. Soon, however, the tendrils of Akemos spread and grew throughout the countryside, overrunning the grand mansion.
4. Ruins of Geilund:
Geilund was the earliest settlement on the Davrys Isles, borne of dragonborn and human mercenaries seeking refuge from the law. Where once it was a prosperous trade port, a vile hydra from the north of the island stomped down and crushed the settlement, though it was eventually felled.

Lakes and Rivers (aquamarine):

1. Blackworm River:
A leech-ridden river.
2. Newbread River:
A river called such because it was the “new bread” for the Orphans.
3. The River Kod:
The water isn’t potable due to extreme mineral deposits.
4. Lake Bittergrass:
Bittergrass, an aquatic weed known for its horrible taste and relaxing effect. The primary lake in which it is grown has changed hands throughout history, but currently it is under Inkspine control.
5. The Greenstone Lake:
A northern, icy lake which freezes over constantly, the bottom is covered with Greenstone, a rough, clay-like stone valued in jewelry.
6. Rivers of the Hydra:
A sprawling river system on the island of Manyhead, they were said to have been birthed from the great hydra which once inhabited the land.
7. S’gug:
A rough translation for the swampy lands and rivers inhabited by the Green-Skins.

Major Cities (blue):

1. Andraste:
Andraste, the solitary tower in the grand forest, rises up taller than any mountain. It is the work of Eladrin, children of Elves and Ameloran, who have subjugated the elves under a powerful psionic binding.
2. Land of the Green-Skins:
A wretched, primitive swamp with lizardmen strewn about surrounding ancient elven relics.
3. Cinderforge:
Cinderforge is the hearth of adventurers. It is a tundra, where little grows except for lumber and tolerant herbs, and mountains cut through the countryside. The region itself was born of dwarven sellswords, and their prized forgings bedeck many locales in the region.
4. Isodel:
Isodel is the domain of the Sorcerer-King, a tyrannical ruler of the largest empire in Deriel. It is a desert, sand above sprawling sandstone caverns and forgotten cities. There is little water, and even less food, but people manage to hunt and drink their animal’s blood for meager sustenance. The desert is oftentimes hot, but traveling north will lead to the Coldsalt Flats.
5. The Golden Academy:
Golden Academy is a large structure where skilled mages meet to discuss, well, unsavory and forbidden magics.

Minor Towns (black):

1. Uyndra:
Uyndra started as a conclave of cultists worshipping The Great Hydra (an exarch of the Beaked One), but moved on to become a bustling trade town, dealing in both information and relics. However, the cult which made the town still lurk within.
2. The Checkpoint:
The final gate between the freedom of Cinderforge to the desert of Isodel.
3. Kodlund:
A dwarven suburb of sorts after Kod-Kobash was abandoned, Kodlund has since moved to renting land out to sellswords and knights, if only because few else would live there.
4. Oakenveil:
Oakenveil is an old town, inhabited by few and far between across its forested houses. The autumnal forest at the center of Oakenveil serves to heal and protect its inhabitants. (IDK what to do here, expand later)
5. Eladraste:
Though Eladrin often situate themselves in the heights of Andraste, many exiles and entrepreneurs flee in order to attempt their own dynasties. Those at Eladraste are the Winterkin Eladrin, an uncaring, spiteful group who value their slave’s lives even less, tossing them aside if only to have a footstool. The grand tower overlooks the seas, and some say that the Winterkin may expand.
6. Ayglund:
Ayglund is a small fishery, barely even a town, situated in an icy hell. Yet some still live there, and have become the best fighters, rangers, and knights in their hardship.
7. The Bittergrass Estate:
The Inkspine Clan, a magical assassin guild, are the current holders of this lavish mansion. Their servants and workers harvest the namesake, Bittergrass, to provide funds and a legitimate business front.

Caves and Dungeons (orange):

1. Yellowtooth Mine:
An alchemist’s cave which once was mined for such valuable and deadly elements such as quicksilver, gold, and sulphur (which inspired its namesake). The Yellowtooth bit came from the miner’s inhalation of sulphur, which yellowed their teeth and rotted their lungs. It was abandoned due to these concerns, though wealthy alchemists still hire adventurers to seek these ingredients.
2. Seapoint Crypt:
Seapoint crypt is a place of beauty, where well-lauded and brilliant leaders seek their final bed. However, in recent years, these harbingers have risen again as liches, keeping their best traits.
3. Cinderforge Tunnels:
The Cinderforge Tunnels were originally planned by Talgrim Ashenbeard, a mayor of sorts for Cinderforge. They sought to provide cheap, safe underground transportation through the realm. However, numerous monsters and foul beasts infested the tunnels, prompting their decline.
4. Kod-Kobash: The dwarven city of Kod-Kobash was carved from the rock of its mountain from water-based erosion, a feat of engineering drawn from the skills of all islands. However, while the city was eventually finished, it was never inhabited in large numbers. The mad Baron, Dorm Skyrend, found it to be too clean, too perfect for the ruination of civilization. So it sat there, a perfected kingdom which no one was to enter, guarded by a force of soldiery so expert they never saw service.
5. The Tainted Cave: The Sorcerer-King’s grip is vast, though few know of it. Yet some adventurers have had the misfortune of stumbling down the sandstone caves into an abberant realm. No such cave is more foul than The Tainted Cave, however, where tumors grew and diminshed, noble warriors beating the spawn, yet never truly winning. It is here where the Fell Taint of the Sorcerer-King is staged, ready to leap forth.
6. Ashenbeard Mine:
The Ashenbeard Mine is, unlike many of its peers, not abandoned. It has provided the heavy loads of iron and adamantium needed in Cinderforge, from the city militia’s weapons to the great, shining gate. However, having been pushed so deep, horrid creatures occasionally infest the tunnel.
7. Greywater Mine:
Greywater Mine was named for the quicksilver it contained, which ran like rivers and flowed like waterfalls. Naturally, this was soon abandoned after many workers went mad and became cannibals, and some still live in there, like savage beasts.

DCh: Map

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